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The Brand

BAOBAB is the tree of life, it is considered as holy for some peoples, for others, indeed, it is the mother of the forest.

It is the so called Good Giant to which to entrust as able to cure, to protect, to tone up and to strengthen besides being a food and water source for human beings and animals. The Baobab is a particular tree as for its form characterized by short branches and large and powerful trunk. Some African legends narrate it is creature fallen by the sky, with the roots turned upward and the crown indeed buried in the subsoil.

Baobab are able of telling stories surviving over the centuries as long-lived trees, resisting and surviving for a long time; they tell stories related to Earth, nature and respect.

Our history is closely linked to the one of the Baobab to which we decided to dedicate our research and passion. We draw our inspiration from Baobab to provide a love message reflecting our lifestyle, a lifestyle focusing daily on the care of ourselves and of the surrounding environment.

We started from body and soul, to be considered as our tree, to create a line of products representing a way to keep both healthy, in the full respect of ourselves and of the Earth. Each article we produce is designed to facilitate and support our body’s welfare.

Three are hence the macro themes orienting and inspiring our work focused and centered on the Baobab:

Body: it is fundamental to take care of our body, that physical component bringing us far and supporting us to achieve every day our aims. To take care of it means to listen to it and to satisfy its needs through a healthy Nutrition, a correct Hydration and a constant physic-sport activity.

Spirit: it is important as well to devote to meditation. This means to feed the most intimate part of ourselves. The push of our tree it’s an impulse coming from within, from our strength and our equilibrium.

Environment: the respect of the natural resources, of what surrounds us, a responsible use of the same offered by the nature, taking always into consideration that these are not our property but a common source and hence to be respected even more.

Our principal aims are hence the attention to physical psychophysical well-being, combined with sustainability and respect for the environment.

Social Goal

Each of our present and future lines will be devoted to a resource of the Planet and part of the profits will be devolved to support the Nature and the Safeguard of that particular resource from which every line takes the name.

We wish to create a Community around our Brand able to share with us the Values and our Philosophy.

                                                                                  Contact us and join our Baobab World.