Oceans are the widest expanses of salt water on our planet and cover 71% of the Earth's surface. Natural Habitat of many living species, they are precious sources to safeguard not only marine life but also that out of water. We decided to dedicate to Oceans our line linked to the Hydration of the body.

To maintain ourselves hydrated and drink regularly during the day is fundamental for the daily wellbeing of the body and to regenerate it while working, making sport or still during leisure time. Keeping our body regularly hydrated is fundamental as you know, the BAOBAB OCEANS line has just this aim: to make it easier to maintain the right Hydration of the Body throughout the day.

Our products, such as the reusable thermal bottles, contribute to avoid the daily use of disposable plastic, hostile of the environment, of the water and of its Ecosystem risking to die because trapped in non biodegradable wastes.

We devote this line to Oceans and we wish to devolve a part of the profits for the safeguard and the cleaning of the seas from the wastes avoiding this way that their delicate equilibrium is irreparably damaged. 

We donate to TheOceanCleanup which is dedicated to the removal of plastic from the Oceans.



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Thermal bottle in stainless steel 18/8 - BPA Free - Eco-Friendly - double wall insulation, 600 ml.  Durable paint. The stainless steel screw cap covered with bamboo, with silicone ring, is leak-proof.  The stainless steel mobile handle allows to attach it to backpacks or similar. It is also supplied with a straw cap making it ideal for SPORT and CHILDREN. Only the BLACK COLOR includes a fabric bottle holder

It keeps any drink, water, coffee, tea, Hot or Cold for at least 8 hours.You can use it during your daily activities at work, during Sports, for camping, on your trips, during your free time with friends and family, at school. High quality product made to last.